OFD Station 16′s Random Act for the Godinez Family

The fire crews at Station 16 were on a camping trip in Livermore, CA when they met the Godinez Family who was camping next to them. Mom was raising four (4) daughters by herself and, at the moment, lived in a 2-bedroom apartment with her in-laws. Mom and the girls shared a bed in one bedroom. Thus, the camping trip and need for some space. The crew learned that the family’s apartment on 98th & Bancroft in Oakland was burned up in a fire a few months back, and the family lost almost all that they had. They were in need of basic school supplies, uniform clothes for the upcoming school year, shoes, underwear, personal hygiene supplies, and more. The Firefighters were very impressed with the family for their selflessness and good hearts and really wanted to help them out, so they submitted a request to Random Acts. On August 10th, the Godinez family visited Station 16 and were showered with gifts including backpacks with school supplies, bikes, skateboards, scooters, roller skates, toys and stuffed animals. Mom received some toiletries and a $500 Walmart gift card to purchase school uniforms and other necessities. The response was emotional, tearful and grateful from a family that inspired everyone with their smiles and remained positive and cheerful during a very difficult time. Thank you guys at 16 for your Random Act of Kindness. Nice going.

Watch this video of Station 16′s Random Act for the Godinez Family -
OFD Sta. 16 Random Act for Godinez Family

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