Making A Difference After the 911 Call

Oakland Firefighters from Station 26, B shift, responded to a 911 call at an apartment building for Faapisa Maea which, fortunately, had a good outcome.  But,  while attending to the call, the Firefighters noticed that there was no furniture in the apartment, and Faapisa and her daughter, Maea, were sleeping on the floor.  There was no bed, no refrigerator in the kitchen, and no toys for the young girl.  A member of the fire crew contacted Random Acts and requested a bed and blankets, a refrigerator, and some toys for Maea from our year-round toy supply.  We met the fire crew at the Sears Outlet where the Manager was happy to help out and gave us a discount on the bed and refrigerator.  Meanwhile, another Firefighter went shopping for the blankets, pillows, and sheets. When the Firefighters arrived at the apartment, Maea was so excited she was waiting outside to greet them.  After the Firefighters installed the new refrigerator, Mom and daughter happily posed next to it.  The smiles on their faces said it all.  Maea watched as the fire crew assembled the new bed, and Mom was happy that they would get a good night’s sleep tonight.  Lastly, the Firefighters opened a big bag of toys and school supplies for Maea, an added surprise which they did not expect. That was the icing on the cake.

Firefighters often arrive on a 911 call to find a family in need, and they leave them in need. This fire crew decided to do something to make a difference.  And, there is a mother and daughter who is so happy that they did.  Thank you Sears Outlet, and thank you Oakland Firefighters.

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