Healing After the Fire

Last Sunday, Capt. Bob Nylander and Station 20 responded to a classroom fire at Sobrante Park Elementary School. Today, Station 20 returned to the school to bring some gifts and some healing to the students and their teacher, Ms. Becerra, who were using a temporary classroom on their last day of school. The stuffed animals were especially healing for the children. When one of the students noticed that a teacher looked close to tears, he went up to her and said, “You look sad. I think you need a stuffed animal”. And, he gave the teacher his stuffed animal. That really brought her to tears.  Random Acts fulfilled most of the items on the teacher’s Wish List for the class with things that we already had in stock – books, office supplies, canvas school bags filled with school supplies for each child, crayons, coloring books, pencils, a new office chair, a CD player, and stuffed animals. In the Fall when school opened, Random Acts took Ms. Becerra on a shopping spree to purchase the rest of the items on her Wish List.


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